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On-Air » Kelly Wilde » BA Burrito Name That Noise

BA Burrito, Three Rivers Plaza by Festival the Village Shopping Center -LaCrosse, and Market Place Onalaska -brings you "Name That Noise" weekday mornings on WILDE IN THE MORNING! Guess the noise and win the Cash. Miss the guess and we'll add $10.01 to the next day's jackpot. We'll also give you a BA Burrito just for playing. Must wait 10-days between guesses...

Click on the logo and check out their website where you can find the Menu, Gluten-Free info and more!!

Plus new In-House Baked Cookies and Wicked Hickory Smoked Pulled Chicken!

The November Burrito of the Month, The Gobbler,
is both a name and a description. A beauty of a burrito:
Turkey Pot Roast in Savory Gravy wrapped up in Cilantro
Lime White Rice, Black Beans, Shredded Cheeses, Lettuce
and hepped up with B.A. Burrito’s “saucy” Cranberry Mayo.
Get your Gobbler on –– only at B.A. Burrito and only
available as the November Burrito of the Month.

Just $6 All Day Everyday

Jackpot now at $1721.72

Ronnie-Slamming a Window
Kent-Hooking up a Semi Trailer
Janie-Tissue From a Tissue Box
Judy-Slurping a Milkshake
Mike S-Bucketful of Marbles
Cathy-Popping a Paper Bag
Mike-Driving Across a Bridge
Rich-Passing Gas

Carl-Football Players Making Contact
Wendy-Opening an Oven Door

Chopping Meat, Shattering Glass, Filling (or Spilling) Water in a Bucket, Beer Can (in a garbage can) Snare Drum-Shoveling Snow-Air Compressor, Highway Overpass, Cement Mixer, Kelly Buzzing a Microphone, Moving Chains, Stapler, Kicking a Lawnmower, Bowling Pins, Shoveling Snow,Change in a Jar, Cupboard Door, Fly Swatter, Gun, Wiping Out on a Bike,
Emptying a Bucket, Locker, Shoveling Gravel, Jackhammer, Scraping Car on Parking Block-Cup on a Table-Cash Register, Extension Ladder-Sawing, Shoveling Gravel, Dice,Dropping Something into a well-Coffee Grinder-Ice Maker-Radio Static-Tailgate-Slamming Trunk,Tailgate-Duct Tape-Dragging Chair on Floor,Closing Trunk, Washing Machine Door-Dump Truck-Shoveling Cement-Ripping Paper from a Notebook-Firing a Gun-Slamming Stall Door-Dropping a Pallet-Pitching Machine-Popping a Balloon-Dropping Books-Pool Balls-Stacking Books-Steel Door-File Cabinet Drawer-
Gravel in a Wheel Barrow-Dryer Door-Garbage Can Lid-Garbage Disposal-Shutting Recycling Bin Lid-Shutting Car Hood-Dropping Something Heavy on a Table-Flushing a Toilet-Ice in a Bucket-Garbage Can Lid-Skidding Tires-Refrigerator Drawer-Sliding Door-Cellar Door-Air out of a Balloon-Oars in a Boat-Drum-Thunder-Shutting Garage Door-Steel Garbage Can-Tool Box-Tailgate-Static-Whoopee Cushion-Garbage Can Lid-Shutting a Car Trunk-Mounting a Tire -
Ripping Velcro

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