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Happy 35th to Alexia Moore! Fun Fact: Some Internet sites state her cup size as an FF cup!Alexia's approach to acting is based on practical aesthetics- and focuses on the what is desired of the other characters in the scene- This can be seen in the XXX critics' favorites: Neighborhood Swingers
Hot for Teacher”
Kinky Kong

Happy 27th birthday to Bella Rey! Fun Fact: Bella is an avid fan of both "Star Wars" and punk music! Bella is a student of the Chekhov psycho-physical approach to acting, which focuses on mind, body, and a conscious awareness of the senses. This is apparent in the big screen presentations of
Don't Make Me Beg 2
The Naughty Cheerleaders Club
Busty Secretaries

Happy 24th birthday to tattooed starlet Bonnie Rotten! FUN FACT: Her first job was working at a shoe store-You may recognize Bonnie's Perfection in exploring the parameters of a scene-to capture the relevance of the situation in the big screen money makers of
Busty Pin-Ups!
Forbidden Fruit
The Candy Striper
After School Special

Happy 40th birthday to Sandra Kay! Fun Fact: Sandra is an aspiring mainstream actress. An actress with a classically trained theatrical base, Sandra excels at character development within the realm of the scene tonality-This is seen on the Big Screen in
Boob Exam Scam 3
Middle Eastern Nymphos 2
Dog Trainer
Porn and Raised in Prague

Happy 51st birthday to Lizzy Liques! Fun Fact: Lizzy specializes in playing lively and lascivious older women with a thirst for younger men. A seasoned performer who transcends normal acting mantras with an intuitive approach to every scene. You can see this in acclaimed industry classics of
Big Boob Fantastic 40’s1 & 2
All Natural 7
Chunky Housecall Nurses

Happy 40th birthday to Charlee Chase! Fun Fact: Charlee was a cheerleader and straight-A student in high school -- until her first pregnancy at age 15. Charlee is a seasoned performer who transcends normal acting mantras with an intuitive approach to every scene. You can see this in acclaimed industry classics of
My Friend’s Hot Mom 28 & 34
It's Okay! She's My Mother in Law 8
Hollywood She-Wolf
My Boob Heaven

Happy 34th birthday to Audree Jaymes! Fun Fact: Audree hails from Milwaukee and is best known for her large chest size and slender waist. You may recognize Audree's insatiable urge to capture the relevance of a scene through utilizing personal strife and emotions-This is apparent in the Big screen Blockbusters of
Beyond the Call of Booty
Not with My Wife You Don’t
Boobsville Hot Chocolate Shop,”

Happy 29th birthday to Alexis Ford! Fun Fact: Alexis was a member of the National Honor Society in grade school -- and nursing school in Miami, Florida.Alexis is known to find and relate the realism of a scene and make that the compelling issue that the audience subconsciously focuses on--You may recognize this in the hit flicks:
Flesh Hunter 12
Dear Diary… I Love Sex
This Ain’t Jaws
and Brave Businesswomen’s Bondage Peril.”

Happy 46th birthday to Vicki Vogue! Fun Fact: Vicki’s favorite actor to work with is male star Brian Bulge! When acting, Vicki tries to create a connection with the audience by living truthfully under the given imaginary circumstances her character may face. This can be seen in the big screen feel good films of
Horny Over 40
Eat my Feet,”
Best Breasts of the West
Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo

Happy 52nd birthday to former porn star Kayla Kleevage! Fun Fact: Kayla is a “P” cup and has experienced some crossover success playing “busty woman in hotub” in the Ben Stiller film, “Heartbreakers.” Kayla 's acting technique leans more toward the Meisner style which allows her to behave instinctively to the character's surrounding environment-thus creating the facet of realism-This can be seen in the Big Blockbusters of Mad Jaxxx: Beyond Thunderboobs
World Wide Whoppers
and The Duke of Knockers”


Happy 28th birthday to Alex Chance! Fun Fact: Alex was born in Chesapeake, Virginia, and is also a director.Alex has an uncanny ability to seize the idealism of a scene and project it to the audience through a sense of realism that is rarely seen in theatrics. This is apparent in the movie masterpieces of
Big Girls Are Sexy
Calling All Boobs
Mother’s Secret Twins,”


Happy 38th birthday to the busty Destiny Summers! FUN FACT: Destiny is only 5 Feet Tall- This veteran star is all about the professional pursuit to get at the thing that is underneath the thing that will illuminate a scene and the actor's moment on stage-This is seen in the Big Screen Mega Blockbusters of -
Off the Rack 4
Huge Boobs Galore Vol. 1
Naughty College School Girls 37

Happy 42nd birthday to Tera Leigh! Fun Fact: Most of Tera’s output was filmed from 2006-2009 and she’s appeared in over 80 films and on various well-known porn sites. Tera developed her craft in the expressionist style of theater and is an expert at presenting the world in a subjective perspective to evoke moods and ideas for the audience, This is quite apparent in the BiG Screen performances of
It’s Okay, She’s My Mother-in-Law
Seduced by a Cougar 4
Double Air Bags 22

Happy 41st birthday to Jackie Lin! Fun Fact: Lin has also worked as a legal prostitute at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada.Jackie has developed a style that incorporates dramatic and theatrical conventions with the aim of bringing a greater fidelity of real life to her performances.
This can be seen in the classics:
Inside the Orient
Cheating Wives Tales 14
Foreign Exchange Student Fever
The After School Tutor Program

Happy 31st birthday to Nikki Delano! Fun Fact: Delano voiced a stripper named "Nikki" in the 2013 video game “Grand Theft Auto V.” Nikki is the type of actress who stimulates emotional experiences by imagining the scene's "given circumstances," rather than recalling experiences from her own life. This can be seen in the big screen blockbusters of
Everything Butt
Laid in Lingerie
Lesbian Ghost Stories 3
Beyond the Call of Booty”

Happy 22nd birthday to Elektra Rose! Fun Fact: Elektra started out as a webcam girl and made the leap to hard core action within a year. Elektra may be new to the scene but hads ana cting talent that has been described as way beyond her years when it comes to character plausibility and natural realism on stage. Thsi can be seen in the big screen dramatioc presentations of
Boobaholics Anonymous 2
My Wife Loves Threesomes 2
Bubble Butt Bonanza 13
Bodacious Ta-ta's

Happy 30th Birthday to April O'Neil! FUN FACT-In 2011, Complex ranked April forty-ninth on their list of "The Top 100 Hottest Porn Stars ! When in front of the camera,, April excels at mimicmking her characters’ experiences within the context of her own real life, and reaching deeper connections and understandings of the characters’ emotional worlds.
Your Dirty Daughter
She Looks Like Me
Busty Babysitters
Busty Housewives 4

Happy 31st Birthday to Jenny Hendrix! FUN FACT-Jenny's a former Hawaiian Tropic and Rockstar Energy Drink model. jenny's longevity in the business can be attributed to a
dedication to her craft and the belief that the personification of on stager realism can be enhanced through the interpretation of an audience's emotional perception.
This can be seen on the big screen in the classic dramas
Apple Bottomz 6
3-Way or the Freeway
Cowgirls Do It with Their Boots On
Big Booty Cuties 1

Happy 38th Birthday to Sharon Wild! This Czech-born babe has a little panther tattooed on her ankle because she’s such a naughty kitten! Sharon's on screen ability to use reactions from the audience has a jumping off pint for emotional realism can be seen in the classic features of

Band Camp
Totally Natural 2
Fitness Babes in Heat
Nasty Bottoms

Happy 40th birthday to Miko Lee! Fun Fact: Miko initially concealed her porn career from her parents, claiming instead to be working as a grocery clerk. The secret was revealed to her parents when her disgruntled former manager mailed her porn to her parent's house.Miko follows Stanislavski's acting technique with his 'experiencing the role' approach, She feels you must live the part every moment that you are playing it, and every time you play it. This is evident in the big screen masterpieces of.

Slippery Slopes
Booty Duty 9
Boobtown Betties

Happy 29th birthday to Kendall Karson! Fun Fact: Karson grew up in a conservative Christian home and was a straight “A” student all through school! Great job mom and dad! Kendall says the performances that most often thrill her are the ones where her instinct and technique are both in perfect balance,'
This can be seen in on the big screen in
Big Busty Workout
Right Amount of Wrong
Innocent Until Proven Filthy
Busty Beauties Car Wash

Happy 48th birthday to the legendary Houston! Fun Fact: Houston is most famous for “Houston 500,” a movie in which she reportedly had sex with over 620 men without interruption on February 6, 1999.Houston is known for what critics call bare-bones street-level behavior in the theatrical realm and realistic acting. This is apparent on the big screen in
Big Bust Bash
Sorority Sex Kittens 3
Carnal Invasions
Stop! My A** Is on Fire! 3 & 5

Happy 32nd birthday to Memphis Monroe! Fun Fact: Memphis is also an adult model and has appeared on several covers for popular skin magazines like: “Hustler,” “Barely Legal” and “Club International. Memphis perceives acting on stage and screen as total emotional has to feel the character before making the character feel. This is accomplished in the Big Screen Artistry of
Beyond the Call of Booty
The Naughty Co-Ed Caper
Meet the Mountain Twins

Happy 29th birthday to Danni Cole! Fun Fact: Danni credits her striking looks to her mix of Hawaiian and Native American ancestry.Danni says the more the line separating her real self from her stage self becomes less defined the deeper into the character she goes. Tbis is apparent in the dramatic presentations of
Bad Apples
2 Chicks Same Time 10
Pervs on Patrol

Happy 44th birthday to Sky Taylor!
Fun Fact: Sky also uses the alias “Eden” when performing live. Sky has an uncanny ability to rely on "emotional memory" and focus on her "circle of attention" to create plausibility in a scene. This can be seen in the classic blockbusters of
Cougar Recruits 5
Moms a Cheater Vol. 8
Sin Under the Sun
Double D Housewives

Happy 22nd birthday to Gianna Nicole! Fun Fact: Gianna not only enjoys surfing, but also sings and plays the acoustic guitar.You may recognize this all-natural classically trained actress from the classic films:
The More the Merrier
Monster Curves
Nympho Nurses & Dirty Doctors
Sorority Car Wash,

Happy 35th birthday to Lana Lopez! Fun Fact: Lana not only enjoys reading, but also writes poetry and lyrics in her spare time. Lana has learned to captivate audiences on screen and on stage by adding a realism to her characters that pulls the audience into their personal drama. This can be seen in the epic dramas of
Hot and Mean 1 & 2
Naked Tickle Hysterics
Topless Tickle Games

Happy 39th birthday to Aussie actress Monica Mayhem! Fun Fact: Monica had a brief career in finance at the IPE brokerage division of the renowned firm of Salomon-Smith-Barney.Monica has been known to advocate the natural, the spontaneous, and the instinctive in an attempt to produce natural effects of theatrical characterization. This can be seen in the big time block busters of
The Da Vinci Coed
It's Okay! She's My Mother in Law 3
Nurse Kinky
West Coast Whoppers.

Happy 37th birthday to Latina actress Elena Heiress! Fun Fact: Elena sang in the church choir growing up -- which helped her overcome stage fright. Elena has an amazing ability to imagine great images and sensations within herself and is able to immerse herself in these imaginings to perform any scene This can be seen in the XXX features

2 Latinas Are Better Than 1
Latin Sheet Freaks
Deep Tushy Massage 1

Happy 36th birthday to Jessica Jaymes! Fun Fact: Prior to porn, Jaymes worked as a schoolteacher teaching fourth-through-sixth grade for three years.Jessica's main philosophy for acting is to find a way into the scene by asking what does this essential action mean to my character. This is obvious in the big screen features of
Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2
Busted Babysitters
Triple Trouble
Bikini Warriors

Happy 31st birthday Alexis Breeze! Fun Fact: Following graduation from high school, Alexis attended American Career College and got a Pharmacy Tech license. That career ended one year later when she entered porn. Alexis learned early in her career to transcend over the line separating her real self from her stage self which gave more depth to her characters. This is evident in the Big Screen Blockbusters of
Baby Got Boobs 1& 4
Bubble Butt Babysitters
Mo’ Boobs Mo’ Problems

Happy 47th birthday to porn legend Tami Monroe! Fun Fact: Tami is the older sister of porn star Tara Monroe. Tami is known for adding depth to a character and using emotional motivation to transcend beyond the realm of theatrical boundaries-This can be seen in the dramatic presentations

Jiggly Queens
Boobs a Lot
Father of the Babe
Mellon Man 2
Frat Girls of Double Double D

Happy 50th birthday to Kimberly Kummings!Fun Fact: Her first job was working as a concession girl at a movie theater. Kimberly's extensive tenure onscreen is due to her ability to put herself in the mindset of the character finding things in common in order to give a more genuine portrayal for the audience. This is seen in the epic cinematic masterpieces of
Nookie Ranch
Camp Fire Tramps
Jiggly Queens 3
Double Dealin' Piston Poppers

Happy 35th birthday to Sabina Leigh! Fun Fact: As a full time sex educator, Sabina’s future goals are to receive her doctorate in sexology and produce her own adult films. Sabina and her all natural “H” cups goes beyond her own precious inner experiences to add relatability to a character in a real life context-This is apparent in the big screen masterpieces of
A Killer Crush
Bounce Baby Bounce
Busty Big Uns
Big Ole Naturals.

Happy 31st birthday to Czech starlet Alexa Bold! Fun Fact: In 2009, Alexa was voted Miss Erotica in a contest in Prague, Czech Republic. Critics say Alexa draws on physical actions and mind-body connection to create a sensual approach to the character-and this can be seen in the hit adult features:
I Like Dirty Old Men! 5
Bisexual 4Somes 10
Perverted Planet 6
Diablo’s Bi Party of 4”

Happy 36th birthday to Kimberly Franklin! Fun Fact: Among her sex film fans, she is known for being very intense and loud when performing Kimberly is also known for taking an analytical approach to acting that emphasizes the simple pursuit of an action above all else.
This is seen in the dramatic on screen ventures of
Bound to Please
Chauffeur's Daughter,”
Neighbor Affair 4
Down on Abby: Tales from Bottomley Manor

Happy 27th birthday to Lyla Storm! Fun Fact:Lyla grew up around music and is skilled at the piano and the oboe. Lyla's acting finds its creative expression in people's response to other people and circumstances. This can be recognized in the big screen blockbusters of
Degraded in a Sandwich Shop
Every Which Way Butt Loose,
Good Vibrations for Topless Captives
Sex Door Neighbors

Happy 34th birthday to Penny Flame! Fun Fact: Penny’s porn name comes from a combination of The Beatles song, "Penny Lane," and her own smoking habit. Penny is known for reaching deeper connections and understandings of her characters’ emotional worlds and this can be seen in the epic big screen dramatic presentations of
The Devil in Mrs. Jones”
Roller Dollz
Baby Got Boobs
I Film Myself 7

Happy 31st birthday to ebony star Aleia Tyler! Fun Fact: Aleia is a natural D with a slim 105 pound body. You may recognize Aleia's amazing theatrical prowess and emotion-filled performances from the hit films
Phil & Ned’s Sexual Adventure
Booty Quake 14
Booty Shakin’ 3
Boogie Woodie in da Booty.”

Happy 30th birthday to Summer Brielle! Fun Fact: Summer used to perform trophy girl work for sprint car races! Summer ..Summer's classically inspired stage presence is based on her script analysis and personal exploration to find "the truth" of a part. This is obvious in the cinematic masterpieces of
Forbidden Fruit
Holly... Would
Busty Workout
The Booty Movie 3

Happy 38th birthday to redhead Blair Segal! Fun Fact: Blair’s favorite hobby is watching late night ‘Skin-emax’ soft-core porn. Blairn sees acting as a chance to completely immerse herself into the complexity of breathing believability into a character's personna..This is magnified in the big screen dramas of
Nasty Nympho Nurses 2
Snap Shot
The World's Luckiest Patient
Debbie Does Iowa

Happy 40th birthday to Reyna Cruz! Fun Fact: Reyna is a Natural 46G! Reyna's stage appearance is huge..both physically and emotionally when it comes to characterization and subliminal plot detail. This can be seen in the epic onscreen creativity of -
“Wide Load Nymphos”
“Big Big Babes”
“Big Tan Thunder Butts”
“My Big Plump Wedding”

Happy 31st birthday to Nikki Lane! Fun Fact: Nikki’s father was a minister! Nikki's on screen acting talent has been described as spiritual "She completely embodies
the role through technical interaction and extreme believability"-This can be seen on the big screen dramatic presentations of-
Dr. Booty Grabber
Phat Booty Farm”
Womenopoly 1
and Chocolate Gazongas”

Happy 42nd birthday to former porn star Shonna Lynn! Shonna openly admitted that she preferred working with women over men – so she saved her sex scenes with men for only the big budget, high-quality productions. Shonna is a scene stealer whose classically trained regiment creates a basis for emotional responses from the audience and the other actors sharing the stage-This can be seen in the box office classics of
Red Hot Redheads
My Baby Got Back 8
Rump-Shaker 4
21 Hump Street

Happy 25th birthday to starlet Tristyn Kennedy.
Fun Fact: Tristyn broke into the industry doing solo – but graduated to boy-on-girl by the next film! This dedication and enthusiasm to her craft lends to her theatrical ability to dominate a scene with controlled execution of on stage plausibility..This is obvious in the big screen epic dramas of -
Phat Bottom Girls 6
Busty Beauties:
Study Buddies
Nice Shoes... Wanna....

Happy 34th Birthday to porn legend Alexis May! Fun Fact: Alexis is known for her very curvy, voluptuous figure: a natural “G” cup! She is also known for a classically trained acting talent that personifies on stage believability and an emotional connection with her fellow actors and the audience. You may recognize this from the classics:
Busty Hookers
Soccer Babes 4
Baby Got Boobs

Happy 49th to the legendary Danni Ashe! Fun Fact: On December 5, 2000, “Guinness World Records” awarded Ashe the title “Most downloaded woman on the Internet” when they confirmed her image had been downloaded over a billion times. Danni has a grasp on her Character motivations, and totally embodies the development of a scene-this can be seen in the international big screen classics of
Big Boob Mamathon-
Double D Dolls-
Bound Bosom Buddies
Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace”

Happy 30th birthday to Amy Valor! Fun Fact: Amy also works as a personal trainer and yoga instructor! Critics say, "Amy is a natural when it comes to breaking the fourth wall, She ignores the audience, focuses her attention exclusively on the dramatic world, and remains absorbed in its fiction."This can be seen in the classics of
Big Naturals 7
Love on the Rocks
I Can’t Resist My Trainer”
I've Got It All Blackwards 2

Happy 30th birthday to Stacie Lane! Fun Fact: Stacie began her career in porn while attending college! Stacie's classical training in theatrics has been described as "relaxed, in controland believable. She completely embodiesthe role." This can be seen in the ground breaking films of :
Girls of Flava 1
Dynamic Booty 5
Office Freaks
Boob Mamas

Happy 26th birthday to Alice Romain! Critics have praised Alice for "transforming physically to totally embody the character through movement, body language and physical nuances. This can be seen in the international blockbusters of
Hose Monster 4, 5 and 6
Triple Timers
Battle of the Booty’

Happy 27th birthday to Alice Bell! FUN FACT-Alice went to school to become a dental hygienist before eventually dropping off to pursue porn. Alice's on screen talent has been described as reality driven with her character development viable in believability. This is apparent in the cinematic masterpieces of Double Bubble White Booty 3
Girlgasmic 2
She is Half My Age
Big White Thunder Butts 3

Happy 38th birthday to Dollie Darko! Fun Fact: Dollie’s first job was working for Subway sandwich shop! Dollie's style of acting has been described as individual imaginative expression and this can be seen in the big screen blockbusters of
Tattooed Girls in Trouble
The Devils Pin Up Dollz
Me, My Brother and Another
Servant Girls Humiliated by the Butler

Happy 37th birthday to Katy Sweet! Fun Fact: Katy’s hidden talent is belly dancing! Katy is said to have a solid foundation in on stage aesthetics which leads to a grasp of realism in every performance. This can be seen in the cinematic wonders of Udderly Ridiculous- I Like Dirty Old Men! 5 and Hardcore Partying 19 and Booty Talk: Show Us What You Got”

Happy 35th birthday to Lola Rivera! Fun Fact: In her spare time, Lola focuses on the launch of her singing career! Lola takes a disciplined approach to script analysis and this is obvious in the epic dramas of Chica Boom 33 -Backside Bounce 4-I Love Latinas and Knock Out Bondage 4

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