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On-Air » Kelly Wilde » LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX

(Men'sFitness) On paper, there’s nothing more pleasurable, freeing, and relaxing than getting down-and-dirty with the one you love (or are at least, hot for). Sadly, the prospect of odd noises, strange sounds, body aches, and/or bodily functions make getting it on a source of anxiety for some. A group of women were asked what made them the most anxious before, and during, a sexual escapade. Shockingly enough, they were willing to answer, and here’s what they said:
After-sex anxiety…what do we do? Just lay there? Leave? Cling? Cuddle?
Anxiety over not being as good as the last chick he was with
Taking too long to finish
Being walked-in on
Having a roommate or a neighbor hear her at high-passion
Worried about breaking his unit if she’s on-top, and he slips out

(MensHealth) Sex is fun…until it’s not. It was feeling amazing, and then it was as if flames were shooting out of your hoo hoo. And if you ever wondered if you’re “all alone” with whatever happened, there’s the website Superdrug Online Doctor. They’ve put together a study on sexual “mishaps” based on the reports from 2,000 adults from the United States and Europe. All these brave souls were kind enough to share all of the clumsiness and injuries that ruined their humpty-bumpty on a given day – and the good news? We’ve all blown the moment in similar and embarrassing ways.

The most common awkward sexual moments are created by muscle cramp. Next on the list was leaving the windows open -apparently, the fear of the neighbors hearing the sounds they emit while they go ‘bump’ in the night proved too stressful to complete the act. Tghere's also a bent buddy, biting, food accidents, falling off of the furniture andbeing a ‘Quick Draw McGraw’

( According to a new study, sex does count as exercise.
When you’re having a go, your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure increase – which is exactly what happens when you exercise.Researchers recently took things to a new level by having study subjects shake the sheets while wearing miniature, wireless gadgets to record exactly what’s going on.

Sounds a bit creepoy..but's in the name of science

Well, they found that laying pipe caused a “moderate level of physical stress” – up to 75% of a real workout, about the same as a brisk walk. Unfortunately, for most, the sex sessions don’t last long enough – or occur often enough – to improve fitness in the long run.

(BroBible) There are few things in life that are as disappointing has having to succumb to a situation that interrupts you in the middle of the sex. There’s now a thread rolling on Reddit that explores some of the more interesting and entertaining ones. Highlights include: “someone was breaking into the house,” “she laughed,” “body parts giving out,” “interrupting kids,” and the ultra-pain-inducing “she landed on me wrong and bent my…” We’re sure you can grab some ice and figure out the rest of that last one.

(BroBible) The guys over at StupidCupid have posted a new video asking college girls about foreplay. The question at hand is: How long should foreplay last? These answers that the girls give range from “10 to 15 minutes,” then “5 to 10 minutes,” then “at least 30 minutes.” Clearly, there’s a lack of consensus here. But wait, it gets more confusing
The next question seeks advice from the ladies about foreplay. “Take it slow” and “just do whatever she likes” are the responses here. Thanks for being vague ladies. Take what slow exactly? And does “doing whatever she likes” mean that we’ve got to hold that damn purse all frigging day because she likes shopping? Communication, people!

The final question centers around if there’s such a thing as “too much” foreplay. All of the women answer “yes” to this one. Again, however, there are no specifics given. So, we’re left with that 5-to-at-least-30-minute window to work with. Somewhere in there is the magical time-limit, and during that time we should be taking it slow and doing whatever you like. Just don’t take it too slow because then you might take too long.

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