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Another shooting but a whole lot less conversation. Why?

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Another shooting but a whole lot less conversation.  Why?

For the second time in about a year there was a cop that shot a civilian in Minnesota, this time it was an unarmed Australian woman dressed in her pajamas, last time if you recall it was broadcast all over Facebook live by the girlfriend of the victim.  Last time there was up roar over the shooting, this time it took a few days for the news to trickle out of Minnesota to hit the national news.  I am not sure what the difference in the shootings was except that the one victim was black and American and one was white and Australian.  I am going to start by saying that black lives matter, I agree with that statement, but I also think that all lives matter.  Nobody’s life is more important than anyone’s else’s nobody’s.  I feel as though there is a double standard when it comes to protesting of unfortunate killings of anyone.  What happened to justice for all, or is it justice for some?

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