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Did the 220 am alarm wake you up? It did me….dammit.

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Did the 220 am alarm wake you up?  It did me....dammit.

Even though we think we are we are not in control, let me repeat that, we are not in control.  If you have ever been through a storm you begin to realize this.  I was sleeping like a baby after last nights storm, I ended up heading out and about to check out the local damage after it stopped raining last night as to have something to talk about this morning, as I mentioned I was sleeping like a baby when my wife’s phone went off this morning at 2:20 saying a flash flood warning I just laid there in bed listing to the rain come down in sheets and when I finally was able to reach the point of sleep again there were loud thunder boom.  In this latest round of storms to hit La Crosse, I have seen a blue cooler overturned on the street, manhole covers moved, down trees, a few cars where they shouldn’t be, neighborhoods without power, water over the roads, mud on the highway and a tipped over outhouse.  Be careful in your travels, also be aware of changing road conditions and remember to not try driving though flooded streets.

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