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Has he really paid his debt to society?

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Has he really paid his debt to society?

Do you remember June 17, 1994?  I bet the date doesn’t ring a bell but if I say slow speed chase featuring a white bronco, I bet you immediately recall the OJ Simpson chase through LA.  I remember being glued to the television and then watched the OJ Simpson trial, then the shock when OJ was found not guilty for the murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron.  Fast forward a few years when the juice was in trouble with the law again, and by this time I believe that he thought that he was Teflon, was jailed in 2007 for conspiracy to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon, two counts of first-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon, two counts of robbery with use of a deadly weapon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.  Yesterday we heard that the Juice will be loose.  Did he pay the price for his crimes?

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