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National Junk Food Day

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These stupid day-of-the-day things have really drawn me in this week, but I feel compelled to talk about national junk food day. Now, I like to snack as much as the next guys, with Twizzlers, chips and dip, and really, anything deep fried.

In high school, my friends and I would have deep fry parties. We would typically go to my friend Mike’s house, as his basement had the proper ventilation to accommodate two or three deep fryers cooking up delicious goodies at the same time. We did this on a relatively frequent basis, probably every other weekend or so over the course of the last two years of high school. We’d basically go to the supermarket, raid the aisle with frozen foods such as french fries, curly fries, tater tots, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, boneless wings, cheese curds and my personal favorite, deep fried pizza rolls.

We’d get some Crisco melted and ready to go in the deep fryer, and then just pile in the breaded goodness. We typically had a move or some sort of video game tournament going on, pausing it every few minutes so that we could clog our arteries just a little bit more.

This is what we did instead of drinking in high school (at least for the first part of it). We deep fried everything we could find. We tried our hand at dessert too, frying up Twinkies (surprisingly good) and homemade, battered Oreos (disintegrated quite quickly).

We’d typically all spend the night at my friends house, sleeping on couches, the floor, or whatever you could find. I remember many times feeling just awful the next morning, and there being grease stains on the pillow. Thank god for teenage metabolisms.

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