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30 years is a long time, but then again, not so long

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30 years is a long time, but then again, not so long

Some I knew some, I didn’t, all of us had something in common, we all graduated 30 years ago.  Over the weekend, I drove to the cites on a mission, not quite a mission from God but it was a self-discovery if you will.  I really enjoyed getting together and talking with these familiar strangers, familiar because we all had the joy and the burden of being the first graduating class of Roseville Area High School.   And strangers because our lives have taken us to different places, we have all experienced different paths in our lives and yet somehow even though 30 years ago we were basically made to be classmates, 30 years later we came together on our own to enjoy the stories that have made us, us.  Funny I heard from a few there, that the word was be careful what you say to Bob as it would end up on the radio on Monday.  Sorry to disappoint, but what happened at the 30 reunion will stay at the reunion, not because it was a code, but because I had so many conversations that I forgot what details go with what story.  If you have the chance to go to your reunion, please go, you will be surprised that as you get older the playing field levels.

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