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What do you know about the War Eagle? Me? Not too much.

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
What do you know about the War Eagle?  Me?  Not too much.

Sure, I think that the war eagle on the side of the old meat market looks cool.  Does it mean anything to me?  Nope.  Will its destruction make me lose any sleep?  Nope.  Is the building kind of an eye sore?  Yep.  In the 25 years that I have lived in La Crosse sure I have seen that painting on the side of the crappy building, do I know anything about it?  Nope, I didn’t even know it was on the old Weagel Schubert Meat Market until I read it in the paper.  Come to think of it I am not even sure what the meaning or history of the old painting is.  I know it looks cool, and after they were talking about taking down the building and the historic effort to try to save it came out, I have been thinking that there has to be a way to save the painting, not that I think that it should be but because there has to be a way and I like to figure stuff out.  The nomination of the building to be an historic landmark by someone who doesn’t own it, I don’t think is right.  If the building’s owner wanted to look into it I think that is a whole different story.  Thoughts on someone else trying to push an agenda?

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