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Attitude helps you make it though the day.

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Attitude helps you make it though the day.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed seems like a stupid thing to say, I get up every morning on the same side of the bed, if I were to get up on the wrong side I would have to crawl over my wife and that I am sure would go over like a lead balloon.  Most mornings I feel as though my attitude first thing in the morning is going to dictate where my day goes, if I start off with a crappy attitude then the day seems to go the way I thought it would go, therefore I try to have a good attitude for the day.  I read an article awhile back touting Purpose, Control, and Optimism.  If you feel a sense purpose, and control and you are optimistic you can tackle anything.  So when your day is derailed from the start, look at reigning it back in by refocusing your day and start with purpose, control and optimism.

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