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Recent Study Suggests Vegetarians and Vegans Are More Depressed Than Meat Eaters

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Recent Study Suggests Vegetarians and Vegans Are More Depressed Than Meat Eaters

I get that there are some totally legit reasons to become a vegan or vegetarians, but it turns out, meat isn’t all terrible for you.

Having a diet that consists heavily of red meat has plenty of problems such as higher chances of heart disease, obesity, diabetes.  And now, science says that people who give up meat are more depressed.

The Bristol University conducted a study and found vegetarians scored a higher than average depression score.The study examined nearly 10,000 British men and the 350 men in the research were committed vegetarians and vegans. Those 350 poor souls had a higher average depression score compared to the men on a conventional balanced diet who enjoyed tremendous foods such as fried chicken sandwiches and tacos with crispy carnitas.

The researchers say the shortage of vitamins and minerals in the vegetarians’ diet had a negative their mental health. A lack of meat meant a lack of vitamin B12 and eating more nuts leads to higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which both are linked to mental health problems and influence people’s moods. “Lower intakes of seafood are thought to be associated with greater risk of depressive symptoms,” the study stated. “Other potential factors include high blood levels of phytoestrogens, consequent mainly on diets rich in vegetables and soy.”

Another study, this one in Germany, also found a connection between a vegan diet and depression. The study of 4,100 people, found those who practiced a vegan or vegetarian diet had a 15% higher level of predisposition to depressive behavior.

Come to think of it, I’ve never been depressed while eating fried chicken, ribs, wings or tacos.

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