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Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Rachel Lindsay and her fiance, Miami chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, are already planning their wedding. A source tells the magazine; “Rachel would be down to have her love story continue on TV. he’s aware people think Bachelor engagements don’t last, so she wants to say ‘It did work for me!’ She’s frugal but wants her wedding to be the biggest day ever. “Rachel has had her wedding planned since childhood. She used to play pretend and go shopping for dresses and everything. I can’t see her inviting any of the guys she’s sent home. That would be too awkward!”

Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clayton tells The Independent newspaper that the characters’ capes are actually Ikea rugs. ”These capes are actually IKEA rugs. It’s a bit of a truth. We take anything we can. We cut, shave them, add strong leather straps and then breakdown, which is like a religion on Game of Thrones. I want the audience to almost smell the costumes.”

Alec Baldwin tells New York Magazine that his wife does not want him running for public office. ”I’d consider it if I thought I’d win. But I think Trump is going to slam the door on nontraditional candidates. Hilaria has already told me she doesn’t want to put our kids through that.’

The Daily Mirror claims Caitlyn Jenner was out driving yesterday in her classic Austin-Healey Sprite car when she parked in a disabled parking spot. Caitlyn did not have a handicap placard hanging from her rear view mirror.

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