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Man sets house on fire while attempting to remove wasp nest

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Man sets house on fire while attempting to remove wasp nest

Burning your house down to ensure the wasp nest gets destroyed may not be the most desirable option, but there’s no arguing that it isn’t effective.

From UPI:

A man in Canada accidentally set his home on fire while attempting to remove a wasp nest from the property.

Fire crews responded to a fire at a home in Thunder Bay to find a man had poured gasoline on the nest and set it aflame, creating a blaze that spread from the exterior wall into the basement.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue district chief John Kaplanis said the fire caused little damage, and no one was injured or stung by a wasp.

“What happened here was kind of an unfortunate accident,” Kaplanis told tbnewswatch. “The homeowners were dealing with a wasp’s nest on the outside of the home and the father of the homeowner thought he was doing a good job of getting rid of the nest by pouring some gasoline on it and igniting it. That is what caused the interior portion of the home to ignite.”

Crews were forced to remove a large portion of siding from the exterior of the home and had to break through the interior wall in what Kaplanis called a “costly lesson learned.”

“Applying gas and lighting it would not be recommended at any time,” he warned. “Things can go wrong in a hurry.”

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