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What would you do with OJ Simpson’s Bronco?

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What would you do with OJ Simpson's Bronco?

The former agent to OJ Simpson, Mike Gilbert, is apparently looking for a high-profile payday, as he will allegedly be trying to sell the infamous white Ford Bronco that Simpson and Al Cowlings took for a spin back in 1994.

How is he going to cash in? By going on TV, of course. From

The white Ford Bronco used in the notorious police chase of O.J. Simpson in 1994 will be showcased on an upcoming edition of the popular A&E television show “Pawn Stars.”

On the upcoming August 14 episode of the Las Vegas-based reality television show, Simpson’s former agent, Mike Gilbert, will look to cash in on the vehicle he has owned for the last 22 years.

Gilbert bought the Bronco from A.C. Cowlings, who was at the wheel during the historic car chase that took place just five days after the murders of the Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Rob Goldman, according to USA Today. Simpson was eventually found not guilty after a nine-month trial in 1995.

Gilbert had previously kept the Bronco in the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee. Gilbert is looking for more than $500,000, which would make it the most expensive item ever sold on the seven-year-old show, TMZ reported.

 “It’s in amazing shape. I drove it around and it felt a little odd, but it runs great,” said Rick Harrison, who co-owns World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

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