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World to end in days following solar eclipse

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World to end in days following solar eclipse

If you’re to believe the conspiracy theorists – who have a very…poor track record of being right – the world is likely going to come to an end in September.


Their logic is, according to them, based on the Bible, and seems to indicate that the world only has 33 days of existence following the solar eclipse next week.

From the USA Today Network:

Enjoy that Aug. 21 eclipse while you can, because it will be one of the last things you ever see.

That is, if Christian numerologist/doomsayer David Meade is right.

Meade’s theory, presented in his book “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival” and broken down in an interview/feature by the Daily Star, claims Planet X, aka Nibiru, is on a rogue path heading for Earth, and if his calculations are correct, our planet will be destroyed on Sept. 23, 33 days after the eclipse.

NASA, shockingly, has a different opinion. NASA points out the planet Nibiru was also invoked by conspiracy theorists leading up to Mayan calendar doomsday of 2012, but I’m pretty no apocalypse occurred then.


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