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Monday August 21st

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

The Star claims Will Ferrell and Mel Gibson feuded on the set of their new movie Daddy’s Home 2. A source tells the tabloid; “Mel’s part was pretty small, but Mel killed it and tried to get more screen time at Will’s expense. He flat-out told Will, ‘I’m funnier than you are. Will’s not used to playing second fiddle. He’s dreading all of the great reviews Mel is going to get.”

The NY Post claims the Game of Thrones leaks are affecting online gambling because oddsmakers can no longer offer bets on the show.

Oddsmaker Pat Morrow tells Moneyish: “It’s really frustrating because we were excited to post new things week-to-week and it’s been one of our more fun bets, like who would die in the next episode, or who will turn out to be the ‘prince who was promised’.

David Hasselhoff tells Cinema Blend that he wants his Knight Rider movie to be like Hugh Jackman’s movie Logan. ”I want to do the movie! I want to shoot the TV series! I want to bring it back and make it dark! I hope it happens, and if it does, it’ll be kind of like Logan. It will be dark. Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in 2017. Knight Rider. The saga continues.”

Eric ‘McSteamy’ Dane tells the HuffPost that he only watched 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. “I watched three episodes of the show while I was on it. I was there when it happened, so I didn’t need to see it.” As for his infamous nickname, he says; “I’ve been called a lot worse. It never did anything bad for me that nickname. So, I don’t mind it … It’s not what I’m doing now, so it does get a little tiring. But it’s not something that really upsets me.”

TMZ claims Angelina Jolie, Mark Wahlberg, Drake, Denzel Washington, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, LeBron James and Adam Levine are all expected to attend the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight in Vegas this Saturday

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