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Is Amazon going to be the death of local shopping?

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Is Amazon going to be the death of local shopping?

There is a new list of Kmart stores that are closing, and quite honestly, I am not surprised.  I was thinking about shopping and the future of shopping the other day.  I had purchased a hammock from Amazon during Amazon Prime day I got the set up for about half price.  It was a super comfortable hammock, in fact it was napped on many times.  In between uses I took the fabric part of the hammock in and put it in the garage.  Well mice had got into the garage and had chewed a hole in the fabric, I wasn’t happy but thought ok it on the foot side, what harm can come of that, I laid on my hammock and the thing ripped right in half, down to the ground I went with a thud, my son laughed but then helped me up, I contacted Amazon explained my story I got a new one about 24 hours after I spoke with the company.  No questions asked.  No hoops to jump though just good customer service.  Why can’t we see more of that with the brick and mortar stores?  If this keeps Amazon will rule the world.

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