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Megan Fox Poses in Stockings and Suspenders for New Fredrick’s of Hollywood Lingerie Shoot

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Megan Fox Poses in Stockings and Suspenders for New Fredrick's of Hollywood Lingerie Shoot

I bet you’re all sitting around, anxiously awaiting seeing Megan Fox return to the big screen in James Franco’s ZEROVILLE, due out sometime next year. After all, what you really lust after is Megan showing off her acting prowess and not all of these skin-filled photoshoots for her specially designed line of lingerie on sale at Frederick’s of Hollywood. You don’t need to see her 31-year old, mother-of-three body in lacy bits & pieces of fabric, barely covering the good stuff. You’re too grown up for that. TRANSFORMERS was released years ago and who cares about a 10-year old movie anyway? Next, newer, more mature stuff from Megan, right?


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