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So much water….so much devastation

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
So much much devastation

After seeing some of the pictures and videos of Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rains that hit Texas over the past couple of days, it brings me to 20 years ago when the banks of the Red River flooded and my wife’s family home in East Grand Forks Minnesota had 4 feet of water on the main floor of their family home.  One thing that I do know about people is that we are resilient and do overcome the obstacles that are thrown at us.  Every time that we hear of some community taken to the brink of obscurity we see the town and the surrounding people pull together and team up to fix what is the problem, look at what Hurricane Katrina did 12 years ago in New Orleans and how that community pulled together to rebuild.  I look at Grand Forks and how they rebuilt.  Even though there is devastation in Houston Texas, they too will overcome, rebuild and come together.  I have faith.

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