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Traveling for Labor Day? Good luck.

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Traveling for Labor Day? Good luck.

As many people look to squeeze in one more vacation this summer, travel around the United States could be downright nightmarish this weekend.

For starters, Labor Day Weekend is already a big volume weekend for traveling. Per USA Today:

Labor Day marks the end of the summer holiday travel season, and for many people it’s the last chance to make a three-day weekend getaway. Both roads and airports see a significant bump in traffic at this time, though the impact can vary from year to year according to weather, gas prices and whether school starts in a certain region before of after the holiday.

Plus, in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a major hurricane hitting the south. From WHAM:

Over the last week, the storm has ravaged the U.S. Gulf Coast in Texas, which is responsible for around 1/5 of the nation’s gas production. That means refineries have shut down and pipelines have stopped transporting oil.

Since then, AAA says the price of gas nationally has increased about ten cents to $2.44 per gallon of unleaded gas. And industry experts expect the prices to keep going up.

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