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How did we ever survive without Google?

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How many times do you Google something in a given day? According to one survey, the average for an “active” Google user is 27.8 searches per day.

That’s a lot.

So what exactly are we asking Google? More often than not, it’s how to do things. Here’s a list from Google about the most-Googled “How To” questions:

1. How to tie a tie

I believe it. Maybe a bit of a surprise at #1, but what guy hasn’t googled this at some point?

2. How to kiss

Teenagers use google too.


3. How to get pregnant

See above about teenagers. Also, struggling couples, perhaps?

4. How to lose weight

I feel like this should be closer to #1


5. How to draw

…a dog? How to draw a gun? How to draw money from an account?


6. How to make money

If you’re asking Google this question, that’s probably not a good sign

7. How to make pancakes

Valid, basic questions

8. How to write a cover letter

A good thing to know how to do, especially if you’re the person asking question #6 too

9. How to make French toast

Apparently people don’t know how to make breakfast


10. How to lose belly fat

1,000 crunches every hour. Duh.

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