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If you had to pack up and leave what would you take?

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If you had to pack up and leave what would you take?

With this being hurricane season and us seeing the devastation of what was left in the path of these monsters, I have been thinking the last few days what if?  What if I lived in the line of the hurricane, would I leave my possessions behind, would I stay and weather the storm?  If did leave what would I take?  I came up with not a lot that I would take, I would want to make sure that my wife and kids were safe, and what else, I am not really sure, I have a lot of stuff, I think that we all do.  Besides the pictures that I have from my childhood, that I really never look at btw, most of the things that are memories are saved online somewhere.  Think of the pictures that you have taken over the past 2 decades, I bet now you take a whole bunch more because they are saved in the cloud, you have them, but you don’t have them, same as our money, we may have some savings but the records of all that stuff is in a computer somewhere.  When it comes to having to leave somewhere quick, I would grab my essentials, phone, meds, laptop, and then hope and pray that nothing happed to my home.  What would you grab?

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