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Emotional Weekend.

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Emotional Weekend.

This weekend was a weekend filled with emotions from the Steppin Out in Pink walk where 7000 people walked for breast cancer, Hurricane Irma reigned terror and destruction in Florida and is now headed to Georgia, and sixteen years ago today is a day that most in our generation will remember like the landing on the moon of the generation before, and the death of President Kennedy of the generation before that.  The patriotism that America felt, the American Pride that you had for the days, weeks and months after the tragic 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center.  I was working on the radio here in LaCrosse when a listener called and said a plane crashed into the World Trade Center and then a few minutes later another caller and then even more callers called with the news.  We reported the news and the feelings of the people who were living it, experiencing it, seeing it.  It was weird to have all air traffic cease after that day and when it finally resumed, remember how weird it felt and sounded?  I hope and pray that we never have to relive another 9/11 type attack on America.  God Bless America.

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