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I like Troy Aikman and Joe Buck calling the Packers games….am I all alone?

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I like Troy Aikman and Joe Buck calling the Packers I all alone?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are Fox broadcasting number one broadcast team.  Some Packer fans are not happy with the duo calling the Packer games.  As a Packer fan I say to those fans that are complaining about having Buck and Aikman calling the games to get over it.  I personally like to watch the games when these guys are calling the games, and in fact don’t like when we get stuck with another broadcast duo.  At least when I am watching the Packers on Fox I know what I am going to get, when they move the games to a Sunday, Thursday or Monday night I don’t know who is going to be calling it, and not sure if I will even be able to watch the game since I don’t have cable.  I think that the almost 30 thousand fans who signed the petition to get Buck and Aikman off the Packers broadcast have it wrong.  If you want to not hear what they have to say, either turn down your tv and listen to the game on the radio or go to the game yourself and see the action.  I say keep Buck and Aikman.  Go Pack Go!!!!

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