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Hey you entitled person….look both ways

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Hey you entitled person....look both ways

To the entitled college girl who threw up your hands after you walked out into the middle of street on West Avenue yesterday afternoon wondering why no one stopped for you, I am sorry I am one of those people who didn’t stop.  Apparently, you are not familiar with the physics of a car, if you are traveling at let’s say the speed limit of 25 miles per hour, and no one is truly driving at 25 but let’s say it is a perfect world.  So, for my car to stop at 25 Mph, there is a Thinking Distance of 25 ft a Braking Distance of 31 ft and a Stopping Distance of 56 ft, You and your college mind may have forgotten this, you expect when your dumb ass walks out into the busy street to immediately stop.  I will tell you this entitled college student one of the first things I taught my kids was to look both ways, and wait for a safe time to cross.  Don’t be stupid, because apparently, you were smart enough to make it to your ripe age of 19 and obviously, you were smart enough to make it to college.  Stop and look before crossing, it is only common sense.

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