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Well….the world didn’t end. :)

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Well....the world didn't end.  :)

Well we dodged another bullet, I think there were 2 bullets that we have dodged in the past week, wasn’t the world supposed to end either last Wednesday or on Saturday? If you are reading this I guess it didn’t happen. I think at one time in my life I was worried about the world coming to an end, but now. Not so much. I wonder how many people based their life on a life expectancy of an arbitrary day or date that someone has picked? I think if we live our lives to their fullest, do the things we like to do with people that we like to do things with, it really won’t matter when your clock expires. Would you really want to know when the world is going to end? I can think of at least a dozen days that have come and gone where I have heard that this is going to happen or that is going to happen, but really, I think if you live your life to its fullest each and every day, take advantage of opportunities that are put your way and try to smile and pass on your knowledge by either teaching, or mentoring you are doing well. Holding grudges is a waste of time and so Is worrying, I am not saying I don’t do these things but I do try. Have a great Monday.

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