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Happy Birthday Google

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Happy Birthday Google

Think back to 19 years and one day ago, there was no google, there was no easy search for your computer, no google maps, no chrome, no google play, no you tube, no android system for your phone, heck not many mobile phones back then no gmail there is a lot that this 19 year old company has done. Think back to when you turned 19, what had you accomplished? By 19 I had graduated high school, earned my Eagle Scout, but I am not sure of any global events I was part of. Heck, even now, I would be hard pressed to say I have had that big of an impact on the world outside of my circle and maybe a bit further. I guess one of the ways we can make a bigger impact is to try new things, and not be afraid to fail, because I think that often times our failure leads to bigger and better things. Happy 19th Google, I am excited to see what you do in the next 19 years. Oh and I did try something new yesterday, had honeycomb for the first time, I liked it.

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