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Time to change the Wisconsin license plate?

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Time to change the Wisconsin license plate?

Can we give a little love to those in Wisconsin who are lactose intolerant?  There are grumblings about maybe it is time for a change of the Wisconsin license plate, and I think I agree, the head of the states influential business lobby says that the state should consider getting rid of the “America’s Dairyland” which has been on the bottom of the plates since 1940.  This does make since we are no longer the leading producer of milk, we fall in second behind California, however we are first in cheese, but I don’t think that Cheeseheads would go over on the plate.  They are suggesting that Wisconsin go instead with the state motto “Forward”.   I think that the new plate would be great on the back of the car but maybe put the word reverse on the front of the car so we know which plate to put where.  Do you think that we should change our license plates?

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