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Penelope Cruz Smoking Bedroom Hot for ESQUIRE

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Penelope Cruz Smoking Bedroom Hot for ESQUIRE

Penelope Cruz already sealed her Forties and Faptastic credentials many times over, but this feature photoshoot for Esquire in her lingerie and boudoir teasing wear certainly only strengthens her rankings among the elite veteran hotties. The Spanish thespianic and model took her clothes off enough to remind us why we’ve lusted her for longer than anyone can quite remember, including her  memorable topless scenes in a mounting number of must-see movies.

Penelope was granted the gift of the Latina sextastic and never once has held it back from public sharing and polite, but revealing exhibition. This is a woman who gives back from her healthy bounty. The fact that at 43, she’s still offering up prurient leaning visual treats in Esquire is testament to her benevolent spirit, not to mention her still crazy passion inducing good looks and one killer body.

SOURCE:  egotastic

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