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Kendall Jenner in Some Braless Candids [PICS]

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Kendall Jenner  in Some Braless Candids [PICS]

Not every girl can grow up to be a high priced fashion model. Even in the Kardashian family, there’s but one. Kendall Jenner is the taller, leaner, hotter Kardashian, placing her legitimately in the realm of professional clothing pimps and style queens. Unlike her siblings who are selling pure booty play. Not to mock the latter.

Seeing Kendall sashay around the city streets sans bras makes you realize her unfettered and non-enhanced young lady body is quite different and apart from her family. Lithesome and perky would never be words used to describe her more obvious coven cohorts. But that’s Kendall. Not to mention hot and alluring and creating all kinds of naughty thoughts.

SOURCE:  egotastic

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