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The Daily Mail, citing The Sun, claims Johnny Depp may have been drinking before the world premiere of ”Murder on the Orient Express.” A source tells the publications; ”Everyone thought he’d been drinking. Johnny didn’t hold back. Johnny was having big old night and was told off for smoking three times while inside. But on the night of the premiere, he was in a strange mood and everyone thought he’d been drinking. A source tells E! News: “These reports are completely false. Johnny was not drunk at the premiere. He came straight from set to the premiere. His security was maneuvering him around the carpet as he has done for years.”

Perez Hilton claims Paris Jackson thinks her father’s ghost caused Wendy Williams to faint. She tweeted; ”looks like someone from above had enough of her BS and decided to clock her for not keeping his kids’ names outta her mouth o well”

ABC claims John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen recently left a Centerville, Ohio Outback Steakhouse server a $1,000 tip. Chrissy and John were in town to see a high school football game between his alma mater and another school. The server plans to use the extra money to fix her car.

TMZ claims Lamar Odom collapsed at a Sunset Strip nightclub early Sunday morning. He was drinking for several hours at Bootsy Bellows before fainting. No word on his condition

E! News claims Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife Camille has been awarded half of his retirement fund. She will receive 50% of his 401k account. The couple, who divorced in 2011, have two teenage children. Camille is now engaged to an attorney.

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