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WONDER WOMAN’s Amazonians Get Much Skimpier Outfits for JUSTICE LEAGUE

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WONDER WOMAN's Amazonians Get Much Skimpier Outfits for JUSTICE LEAGUE

FROM:  ConsequenceofSound

Justice League opens in theaters this Friday, and early buzz has been generally positive. One thing is raising the ire of fans, however, and it’s not Henry Cavill’s mustache. Fan-site The Golden Lasso pointed out that it appears the warrior costumes worn by the Amazonians in the excellent Wonder Woman were replaced with revealing and form-fitting leather outfits in JL.

For Wonder Woman, costume designer Lindy Hemming worked with director Patty Jenkins to create Amazonian armor befitting women warriors: metal plating, full-torso coverage, and Greco-Roman functionality over form. When it came time for Justice League, however, Zack Snyder and costumer Michael Wilkinson chose to toss out the old designs in favor of strips of leather that revealed more skin and fit tighter to the actresses’ body. Production photos like those below show how the changes were a reductive move from a combat-readiness perspective.

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