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Should the state mandate drug testing for food stamps?

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Three years ago I was thinking that drug testing for food share was a good idea, today, not so much.  I think what changed for me is that food and shelter are the most basic of needs, if you don’t have food, you die, if you don’t have shelter, up here in the Midwest you could die.  I don’t want drug addicts to die, I would like them to get help.  In Wisconsin drug testing is moving ahead, Governor Scott Walker has approved the rule change to screen food stamp users.  Not sure if this is the best of ideas.  I do think that the basics should be provided for those that can’t.  Under this plan, childless food share recipients who fail a drug test would be eligible for state-funded rehab if they don’t have any other way of paying for it.

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