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Hailey Clauson Pimping Xmas Lingerie [SFW PICS]

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Hailey Clauson Pimping Xmas Lingerie [SFW PICS]

SOURCE:  Egotastic

Hailey Clauson hit the higher notes when she covered Sports Illustrated with her epically hot blonde boobtastic body. She’s been laying somewhat low since that moment.

Hailey is back in time for the Yuletide in some kind of pimping righteous lingerie shoot with a dude we couldn’t easily eliminate from the photos. She’s quite the passion inducing swimsuit model turned skimpy underthings purveyor of fine female form. Imagine finding Hailey decked out with such spirit and so little clothing beneath your own Christmas tree. Yes, it is much better than another sweater. Enjoy.

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