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The Most Fun Way To Clear Up Congestion Involves Your Crotch

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This is the time of year when the stuffiness in your head is at its worst. There are tons of ways to treat the snottiness. You could medicate, hot tea, steam rooms, or Indian food. But there’s another option…and it’s one you’d probably get the most enjoyment out of.

Recently on the syndicated TV show, “The Doctors,” featured a guy to takes matters into his own hand. Literally. Yup – when he feels the congestion coming on, he indulges in a little self-love, and it clears things right up. And guess what? There’s some science to back it up.

According to Dr. Michael S. Benninger, experiencing the glory of The Big-O can do wonders for clogged sinuses. “Sexual activity and arousal…activates the sympathetic nervous system,” he explains. “That essentially shrinks the blood vessels, increases nasal airflow, and allows for easier breathing.” So, now when you have a cold, you can get double-duty out of those Kleenexes!

Source: The Doctors


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