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Gwen Stefani tells People magazine that she and Blake Shelton sing while cooking together. “We’re like we’re in a musical constantly and we just sing. We actually don’t talk to each other, we just sing like a musical and everything we sing is like ‘I love you’, like it’s pretty much the whole time like how great we are.”

ETOnline:  Kelly Ripa tells the NY Times that she and Regis never talked off camera. “Regis had a mandate: Absolutely no talking off-camera. He had almost a superstition about it. You save it for the show. I’d be like, ‘Good morning,’ and he’d say, ‘Save it for the air!’”

Mark Hamill tells The Big Issue magazine that he feels disconnected from Luke Skywalker. ”I look at Luke Skywalker and there is a disconnect for me. I’m not heroic. I don’t even like flying. I’m not a comfortable flier. So all these virtues he has I don’t relate to them. Mark Hamill feels pain, Luke Skywalker feels no pain. He is the celluloid hero and I’m not. I do feel pain, I do age and get old. Luke will forever be that farm boy.”

GosipCop:  The Star claims the producers of American Idol have allegedly told Lionel Richie to stop getting Botox. A source tells the magazine; “Lionel’s obsessed with staying young, but he’s on the verge of looking bizarre. They want viewers talking about how great the show is – not Lionel’s frozen face!”

John Cena tells Entertainment Tonight that proposing to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania was the greatest moment of his life. ”I think over the years those misconceptions are being shattered one by one. You know, I do have a bold and sometimes stern exterior with the WWE, but moments like me proposing to Nicole in front of 75,000 fans at WrestleMania let’s everyone know that there’s times that are tough but you’re never too ashamed to say you’re in love.

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