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Do you feel safe in La Crosse?

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Do you feel safe in La Crosse?

Did you hear about the shooting on the south side of La Crosse on Saturday night?  I didn’t either until today when I read it, apparently, there isn’t a suspect.  What about the group of 6 nine to twelve-year-old’s who ransacked a house and stole some jewelry, a credit card, and a guinea pig, when caught they claimed they thought the house was abandoned.   Um was the guinea pig alive when you took it, were there lights on in the house, and food in the fridge?  Sorry kids but I don’t buy that, if it isn’t yours don’t take it.  What happened to La Crosse being a safe place to live?  Better yet what happened to us feeling safe at home.  Do you feel safe?    We all need to be involved to live in a safe place.

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