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Wham-A-Geddon: Day 12

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Wham-A-Geddon: Day 12

Some men are born to great things…others are born to just survive. I am on of the latter. Come with me…on the Chronicles of Whamageddon

Wham-a-Geddon is in full swing. If you don’t know what that is, its a fun little way to speed through December. All of us have heard the song Last Christmas by Wham. Whammageddon challenges you to make from December 1st all the way to Christmas without hearing that song in it’s entirety.  I have been passively playing along and today I realized I am just about halfway there. So, without Further ado…
It’s Day 12 of this Living Hell. Never Knowing when they are coming for me. Those Boyishly good looking English Bastards. Making me ta my toes to ridiculous Christmas music. Last year I couldn’t even go into Menards. I needed a chop saw for my Father-in-law. He was going to make a birdhouse for the cabin on the lake. Now the cabin, the lake and all the little fishies are all gone because Last Christmas George Michael gave you his heart but the very next day you gave it away. SO now I live in fear. I sleep with one ear open. I will not suffer the fate of Last Christmas. My heart can’t take it. I’ve made it 12 days. I only have to make it 13 more. I’ll check in every day until then, my friend. I will keep you close with the CHRONICLES OF WHAMAGEDDON

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