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Does one man make a football team?

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Does one man make a football team?

Brett Hundley did a fair job guiding the Packers, the 2 time MVP Arron Rodgers however is back. We will see number 12 dress and ready to go on Sunday as the Pack attach the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are at 9-4 while the Green and Gold are at 7-6. Both teams are coming off wins from last week the Panthers beat the Vikings while the Packers beat the bottom of the barrel Cleveland Browns. Is the return of Arron Rodgers going to be the piece of the puzzle that the Pack need? I think that there is more wrong with the Pack than just the changing of the quarterback. This is a team that has for far too long relied on that position. In the modern era we have been blessed with great quarterbacks and a few other good players, why haven’t the Packers worked on bolstering the rest of the team. It is after all a team sport not a sport of one. Is it fair for the quarterback? Rodgers says that he is not coming back to save the team he is coming back to play the way he knows how to play. This fan hopes that the rest of the team shows up to help.

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