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Stonehenge May Have Been an Elaborate Monument to Penises, According to Scientist

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

SOURCE:  MensHealth

The theories behind Stonehenge have been speculated since the 1600s—everything from the Devil himself arranging the rocks to Druids using it for ritual sacrifices has been tossed around. But this new one is our personal favorite: One archeologist believes Stonehenge is actually an elaborate dedication to penises. More specifically, shadow-penises penetrating shadow-vaginas.

This new theory is based on the work of professor Terence Meaden, an archeologist from the University of Oxford. Meaden studied almost 20 other Neolithic stone circles in the United Kingdom, and published a study in the Journal of Lithic Studies concluding the structures were essentially designed to look like a penis penetrating a vagina under the right sun circumstances.

“My basic discovery is that many stone circles were built at a time of a fertility religion and that stones were positioned such that at sunrise on auspicious dates of the year phallic shadows would be cast from a male-symbolic stone to a waiting female-symbolic stone,” Meaden wrote in the study.

Yes, you’re understanding that correctly. 6,000 years ago, Meaden believes, people created massive stone monuments in the name of sex. Well, shadow sex, anyway. And Stonehenge, the biggest of them all.

“At Stonehenge on days of clear sunrise, the shadow of the externally sited phallic Heel Stone penetrates the great monument in the week of the summer solstice and finally arrives at the recumbent Altar Stone, which is symbolically female,” Meaden wrote.

Of course, some scientists aren’t so quick to agree with the newest theory. According to Whimn, University College London’s Professor Mike Paker-Pearson takes issue with the fact that Stonehenge stones don’t quite resemble penises. “Why would phalli have lintels on top? It’s just bonkers,” he said.

Nonetheless, this is still the most exciting Stonehenge theory ever since it was speculated that Merlin ordered a giant to stack the rocks on his behalf. An elaborate formation of penis rocks seems much more likely.

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