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That’s a Good Dog. Who is a good…Dear God Whats In Your Mouth?!?

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That's a Good Dog. Who is a good...Dear God Whats In Your Mouth?!?

So…there you are…minding your own business, walking along the shores of British Columbia. Your dog notices something in some vegetation that has washed ashore and bolts over to investigate. When he returns he has this in his mouth…

That very thing…or at least similar things…have happened 13 times over that last decade in British Columbia. Of the 13, random, limbs 8 of them have been identified. Authorities believe that most, if not all, of the limbs belong to suicide victims or people who passed away due to natural causes. Locals have speculated that there is a Sea Serial Killer among the Canadian province.  A SEA-RIAL killer, if you will. Regardless, if you want a fun and spooky good time…pack up the kids and head on up to British Columbia, Canada. Don’t worry…you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg*.





*No…I’m not proud of that joke. I hate myself as much as you hate me right now.

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