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Things You shouldn’t Say at Your Work Holiday Party…And 9 Things You Should

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Things You shouldn't Say at Your Work Holiday Party...And 9 Things You Should

According to there are 9 things you shouldn’t say at your office Holiday Party. Basically they boil down to 3 topics…Don’t drink too much, don’t talk about work and don’t be sexually inappropriate. But, in case you want to know the list, here it is.

  1. ‘Could you introduce me to your daughter/son?’
  2. ‘I never realized you had such an amazing body — the way you dress in the office is far too conservative’
  3. ‘Can I drive you home?’
  4. ‘I’m so drunk right now!’
  5. ‘Have you heard …’
  6. ‘I hate my boss / I’m putting in my notice’
  7. ‘Did you get your bonus yet?’
  8. ‘Let’s spike the eggnog’
  9. ‘Everything’s going pretty well in our department …’


I, however, am more into being POSITIVE this holiday season. So, with that in mind, here are my…



  1. Does this look infected to you?
  2. If you want to add a little kick, you should try this meth
  3. …then they had to shut down the bathroom. I have never been more proud
  4. I mean…I think it’s my kid….but do we ever really know for sure?
  5. Oh…they simply don’t care in Thailand. If you have the two-dollars…anything can be yours. ANYTHING!
  6. (Staring Aggressively)
  7. I don’t know…there is something special about the touch of an elderly person that really turns me on.
  8. I haven’t had a b-m in two weeks (regardless of it’s validity)
  9. Its been a long time since I have been arrested…lets see if we can’t fix that tonight!

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