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Have Yourself A Diabetic Christmas!

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Have Yourself A Diabetic Christmas!

I may have quit drinking booze almost a year ago but I aint giving up on that sweet-sweet! Thankfully, I live in a time when geniuses the world over are coming up with new and inventive ways to give me diabetes. Post cereals and Walmart have teamed up to bring me…and you, I guess…two brand new cereals.

Starting December 22nd you will be bale to enjoy Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butter cereals! Yes, if you have ever sat at your breakfast nook and thought “This meal needs more cookies,” YOU’RE IN LUCK! For a mere $4 you can irritate nutritionists, dentists and your inner adult! I, for one, will be at my local Walmart by midnight the 22nd…gallon of milk in hand…waiting for my new life to begin. I was never really attached to this foot anyway!



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