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Everyone Asked If They Could…No One Asked If They Should

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Everyone Asked If They Could...No One Asked If They Should

Stoner 1: Hey man…lets, like…roll a HUGE joint.

Stoner 2: Yea…like…then we could get in the Alec Guiness Record Books.

Stoner 1: (chuckles to self) Yeah…cause, like, Obi Wan…ta be baked!

(Slow build laughter from both until they are both laughing harder than they ever have)


I surmise that is exactly what happened when a Marijuana Advocacy Group in Boston decided to roll a 106-foot Marijuana Cigarette. They set out to roll a Guiness World Record after finding out there wasn’t one for Longest Joint. . The joint, unveiled at The Harvest cup by advocacy group Beantown Greentown,  rounded out at 106-feet. Surpassing Beantown Greentown’s goal by 6 whole feet. I wish I was making their name up. They call themselves Beantown Greentown. You can Google it.

“Just all of us one day, sitting around, being inebriated and someone said, ‘what is the world record for the longest joint?’ And the situation evolved into a little bit of research and looking online and there was a one pound joint we found, but no one did it in a continuous length,” Andrew Mutty of Beantown Greentown  told the Boston Herald. “So we thought, let’s set the bar kind of high and see if anyone else wants to try and break a record.”

Fear not, hop heads! They did, indeed, smoke that huge joint. Using a blow torch and a vacuum. I wish I was making that up too. The state of Massachusettes voted to legalize the possesion and consumption of Marijuana and are working out the laws governing the sale of weed by the newly-formed Cannabis Control Commission



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