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Reddit Speaks: The Worst Gifts You Can Get This Holiday Season

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Reddit Speaks: The Worst Gifts You Can Get This Holiday Season

SOURCE:  CheatSheet

The holiday season can bring out the best in people — or not. When gift-giving and receiving this December, try and remember the golden rule or at least give presents you would want to receive yourself. These Reddit users’ friends and family did not follow that rule, and the results are hilarious.

15. You might resemble a popular Seinfeld character if you do this

Pillar_of_Filth received an expired can of soup for their birthday. Not exactly “mmm mmm good.” We love soup as much as the next person, but yes family, canned goods do expire.

14. Resist the urge to re-gift

Bookworm J_truant got a book from his mother for Christmas that they had given her the year before. No, the pair did not have the same taste in books. She gave them back the same book — loving inscription and all.

13. An honest mistake, but a funny one

For Christmas, Reddit user scifilove got a blanket from Goodwill, but that’s not the worst part. They had donated the blanket just two weeks ago, and she had no idea. “Now I have to drive about an hour to donate anything for fear it will come back to my house,” they said.

12. Cheating is bad enough

Reddit user AllysWorld learned her husband was cheating the hard way. Not only did a gift not materialize, but she discovered a text message from the woman with whom he was having an affair. It said not to buy her anything. Ouch.

11. This takes re-gifting to a whole new level

After his girlfriend wrapped up his hoodie and gave it back to him, Reddit user Drewmatic305 really knew what she was made of. We have so many questions, and they all start with “Why?”

10. What goes around comes around

When Reddit user ItsMorpeth’s friend did not get a gift for Christmas, his mom said it was because he had reached adulthood. When her birthday rolled around, he didn’t give her any presents for the same reason. Well, you know what they say about payback.

9. At least it’s useful?

We all use these tools, but no one really needs more than one. Little-rolling-bean’s aunt got her sister a novelty toilet brush as a gift. Yes, those exist. We don’t want to know why her aunt thought about her sister’s bathroom habits at the holidays.

8. Is it really the thought that counts?

“One Christmas I really wanted an Xbox just like every other kid,” said Reddit user Dununununbatman. He opened an Xbox controller and got really pumped. “I was so excited to find the Xbox, so I tore through all of my presents to find no game system. My mom comes over to me later as I’m holding the controller. She says, ‘Now you don’t have to borrow Scott’s controller anymore when you stay the night at your friends.’” At least she tried.

7. Not your typical mother-in-law present

We all know in-laws can make interesting gift-givers. Reddit user lunchesandbentos received a fire-engine red nightgown from hers. She said, “This is what you’ll wear when you conceive a son.” The user now has two daughters and later said, “I guess we didn’t use it right.”

6. Remember to cover your tracks before you do this

A digital photo frame makes a good present — unless the frame already has photos on it. For Reddit user Somethingprofoundish, it went one step further. Her boyfriend gave her a digital frame full of photos of him and his ex-girlfriend. Talk about a romance fail.

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5. Hope the guy’s an animal lover

KenPopeHat’s fiancee’s grandparents sent a special message with his Christmas present. They gave him a box marked “To Ed” — the wrong name — inside of which rested an old-fashioned leather portfolio. It came emblazoned with a large bison. The worst part? “The bison was anatomically correct and appeared to be having a personal moment,” the user said.

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4. This gift-giver really raked over the recipient

What kid doesn’t love a good gardening tool? When Reddit user KatieLizotte was a kid, her siblings fought over who got to use the good rake when doing yard work. After a huge box appeared by the tree, they spent weeks getting excited about it. They opened it first with great anticipation, until they discovered shiny, new rakes with their names on them. “I’m obviously still not over it,” she wrote.

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3. Doing this took some confidence

Reddit user Wahachanka-luta thought he had finished shopping, but the sweater he ordered for his dad never arrived. Three weeks later, his dad wrapped up and gifted him a great sweater. You guessed it — dad intercepted the package and wrapped up the sweater as a gift. How thoughtful.

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2. It’s punny, but also terrible

Playstation gaming systems topped the gift charts the year Offlinelol opened what he thought contained one. Inside they found stacks of newspaper, but nothing else. Later, his brother received a shredded box in a cardboard bag. The gift? An ex-box.

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1. Grandma throws the worst shade

Growing up, Beachbum34 received checks in the mail from her wealthy grandmother as gifts. After she and her boyfriend got pregnant and got married on her 24th birthday, a card arrived in the mail. It read, “I know you were expecting your usual birthday check but this year I decided since you were old enough to get pregnant out of wedlock and further embarrass me by eloping, then you’re old enough to understand what a budget is and this year you don’t fit into mine.” Grandma came around and now they’re one big, happy family, but that year remains one for the record books.

We hope your holiday season arrives full of better gifts than these, from some of the shiftiest, cheapest, most terrible gift-givers around.

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