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La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Some men are born to greatness…other men are just born to survive. This is a story of the latter…my CHRONICLES OF WHAMMAGEDDON

Day 19. The wife wanted to listen clean last night. I said…it’s Monday and I am fighting for my life, woman?!? She cared not. Because, in her words, your office is a mess and the cats are starting to nest in your dirty clothing hamper. Long story short, my office is spring fresh and we no longer have cats. I hate it when she is right. I know…this is a boring update. Not all of them are going to thrill a-minute-joyrides. Sometimes I am going to cozy up to the TV. and relax (song starts) with a big glass of milk and cookies. Sometimes I am just going to shut the world off and…oh crap! (Gunshot)

Whew…that was close. I’ll talk to you tomorrow my friend. I’ll keep you close with my…CHRONICLES OF WHAMMAGEDDON

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