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La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Some men are born to greatness…others are born to just survive. This is a story of the latter. My…CHRONICLES OF WHAMMAGEDDON!


Day 21. It’s officially winter. But nothing will feel as cold as those British blokes boring through my ear holes. It seems pleasant enough at first. Jangly, bouncy…hell, it could even be described as fun. Then it sits there. Like that ill-advised roadside burrito you had. But, instead of sitting in your belly and making your car smelly… it sits in your ear becoming a pain in your rear! heh, I rhyme Geez…I’m losing my mind. I wonder if it will be hard to find. Ah crap…umm…orange, purple, Deep. WHEW…that was close. Thought I was going to say Brorange, nurple, peep.  It’s what those blokes do but don’t you be dreadin… just follow my CHRONICLES OF WHAMMAGEDDON!

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