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I was looking through the internet for things to talk about and things to share. I came across a story about a college professor and a class that pulled a very successful and very funny prank on him. It made me think of various teachers I’ve had. So, I started googling. Found out one of my favorite college professors passed away 2 years ago at the age of 46. He was studying to get his doctorate when he taught my punk friends and I. He taught us how to be grammarians and that if you try hard enough you can simply use a semi-colon for every single punctuation function there is. He taught us that English is in everything we see. Be it the printed word or a picture advertisement. He taught us that it can be fun to argue about proper grammar on a Friday afternoon before a holiday. He taught us that soul food is for everyone. He taught me that I have a group of guys, from a very specific time in my life, that I will be able to pick up with like we never missed a beat. The four of us sat around our varied devices and chatted over Facebook for a good hour, laughing and remembering, all because we were lucky enough to have Ptim Behme as one of our teachers.

Kind of a special time of year to be thinking back. So, thank you, Ptim. For everything you know you gave us and everything you had no idea about.


(The picture for today is a picture of my wife and I from our youth…It was fun to find that too)


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