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Brooke Shields Shows She’s Still Got It at 52-Years-Old

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Brooke Shields Shows She's Still Got It at 52-Years-Old

SOURCE:  MovieHotties

Brooke Shields’ heyday was a few years before my time, but it’s always good to see the legendary hotties remain viable in that capacity well past their expected expiration date. Brooke shows off her well preserved sexy in the pages of Health magazine this month, where the 52-year-old MILF hangs out in her underwear with impressive results. I may not have the same connection to Brooke as those folks from the 70s and 80s, but I’ve seen a lot of her stuff from those days. If you think society sexualizes today’s young celebs too soon, try watching some of Brooke’s movies from the 70s. How about that one where she plays a 12-year-old prostitute, or the other one where she’s a 14-year-old castaway who runs around naked on an island. I wont even get into the modelling photos they took of her back then.  Apparently everyone was just fine with treating an adolescent Brooke as though she were 10 years older. Different times

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