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La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1 claims Matt Lauer has allegedly cancelled his upcoming birthday party because of his sexual harassment scandal. A source tells the site; “Matt had originally planned to hold a huge blow-out party to celebrate his 60th, with family friends, co-workers and celebrity pals—but, for obvious reasons, he’s scrapped that idea and cancelled all plans.

(  Meghan Markle’s half sister Samantha may write a tell-all book about Megan’s life. A source tells the site; “Meghan and Harry will not be responding to Samantha’s comments, as they have no intention of adding fuel to the fire, or giving her anymore publicity. . Samantha has been telling people that her upcoming memoir is going to contain ‘explosive’ information about Meghan, that will ‘shock’ the royal family to the core — which is utter nonsense.”

The Star claims Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa may marry. A source tells the magazine; “When he told her he wanted to marry her, she immediately said yes! They’re madly in love. When Kate falls for a guy, she’s all in. It wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if she eloped.

Naughty Gossip claims Mariah Carey is going to extreme lengths to keep her Christmas tree alive. A source tells the site; “Mariah’s favorite holiday is Christmas and the tree is the center of her celebrations. She got the tree from Soho Trees on Varick Street in NYC and paid over $800, but now her staff are doing everything short of surgery to keep it alive. They have purchased the tree its own humidifier to stop it from drying out and losing its needles. They know they are fighting a loosing battle but they must keep it from dying before December 25th. Every year this is the biggest priority in the Carey household.”

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